When ordering a guitar a new relationship begins. We’re going to spend hours talking about your guitar: the sound, the woods, the way you play and the music that you’re going to perform with your new guitar, and many other things to create a unique instrument that suits your expectations.

I build all my guitars in my workshop on my own so you’re invited to come and follow the process through its different stages. If it’s not possible for you to come, I’ll keep you posted with many photos you can follow how’s your instrument from the bare wood to the sending to your house.

The waiting list varies constantly so it’s better if we talk so I can be more precise.

When you order a guitar I ask for a €500 deposit, this secures your place in the queue and fixes your price. The deposit covers initial expenses such as materials and design for your guitar and is non-refundable. A second payment of 1000€ is demanded once the Building process begins. The remaining balance is due upon the guitars completion prior to shipping.

Prices and Options

Prices and standard features included as well as different upgrade options are detailed in the following documents:


All guitars are covered by a limited warranty of 10 years as long as I’m working as a luthier. This warranty covers to the original purchaser and only applies against defective materials or defective workmanship.

The warranty does not cover cracks in wood, finish or regular playing wear. My guitars are built under controlled humidity (45% RH) so therefore they are less sensitive to climate changes. It is important though to pay close attention to humidity conditions especially during the dry seasons when It is advisable to keep the guitar stored in a guitar case with a good humidifier.